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IFCC Newsletter-November 2019

TriCore Reference Laboratories partners with MCO to improve prenatal care

International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine,11/14/2019

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Take Your Quality System - And Your Quality of Care - to the Next Level

Did you know that TriCore is one of only 48 labs that are designated with the CAP 15189SM Accreditation?

College of American Pathologists,11/14/2019

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TriCore Reference Laboratories Provides Actionable Insights for Prenatal Care with Microsoft Power BI

Enabled by innovative algorithms, TriCore Reference Laboratories (TriCore) takes laboratory data and turns it into actionable insights. By augmenting the way data is integrated into prenatal care in New Mexico, TriCore has changed the perspective surrounding the value laboratories bring to the healthcare industry.


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Too few technologists: labs take inventive steps

The tight supply of technologists to fill open positions is pushing laboratories to be creative in finding answers. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and TriCore Reference Laboratories found their answers by looking not just outward but also—and largely—inward.

CAP Today, April 2019,05/10/2019

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Companies Focus on Helping Labs do More with Less

With no end in sight to the lab workforce shortage, vendors aim to fill the gap


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Practical challenges in peripheral blood smear evaluation

Unlike high-count monoclonal B-cell lymphocytosis, low-count MBL has a limited chance of progression to CLL and thus there is no need for follow-up. And a definitive diagnosis of T-cell large granulocytic leukemia requires demonstration of clonality. Those and other points were made in a CAP18 session on practical challenges in peripheral blood evaluation.

CAP Today,03/25/2019

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Improving the Delivery of Healthcare through Clinical Diagnostic Insights: A Valuation of Laboratory Medicine through "Clinical Lab 2.0"

As healthcare payment and reimbursement begin to shift from a fee-for-service to a value-based model, ancillary providers including laboratories must incorporate this into their business strategy. Laboratory medicine, while continuing to support a transactional business model, should expand efforts to include translational data analytics, proving its clinical and economic valuation. Current literature in this area is limited.

Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine,03/05/2019

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Driving Strategic Growth with an Enterprise Laboratory

Summary of webinar panel discussion with laboratory leaders regarding maximizing the strategic value of labs through solutions that provide standardization, efficiency, and cost savings, and through constant innovation.,01/22/2019

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The Hidden Value in the Clinical Lab

Laboratory data will play a starring role in healthcare's transition for sick care to well care.

Clinical Lab Manager,12/07/2018

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Renee Ennis Wants Lab to Have a Seat at the Table

TriCore Reference Laboratories wants to boost the lab's role in healthcare, and chief financial officer Renee Ennis is helping drive that transition.

American Healthcare Leader,10/24/2018

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