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Recovered Patient Donates Plasma

Several hospitals in the state have in recent weeks started using convalescent plasma to try to treat COVID patients.

Albuquerque Journal,05/19/2020

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What’s Next on the Point-of-Care Testing Menu?

From SARS-CoV-2 to cardiac biomarkers, a steady stream of IVD innovation shows no signs of letting up

Clinical Laboratory News,05/01/2020

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Questions remain as NM begins antibody testing

Testing to see who has antibodies to the coronavirus has begun in New Mexico, but questions remain about how to use the results and what they actually mean.

Albuquerque Journal,04/30/2020

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Opening the Magic Box: Lab professionals reveal their value during COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic rolls with equal ferocity across big cities and rural communities, clinical laboratory professionals have stepped front and center onto the healthcare stage. In my view, we will stay in our newfound spotlight not only as the country grapples with this unprecedented public health crisis but also as it prepares as never before for future outbreaks.,04/20/2020

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Heinrich Readout of Calls with Vice President Pence

"We have the equipment to more than meet our testing needs right here in New Mexico. TriCore in New Mexico is a world class lab."

Martin Heinrich's website,03/18/2020

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Major NM company becomes latest medical tenant at Winrock

Major NM company becomes latest medical tenant at Winrock

Albuquerque Business First,02/20/2020

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TriCore Streamlines Payment Collections with Automated and Electronic Channels

TriCore partnered with InstaMed to deliver a streamlined payment experience and empower phlebotomists to engage patients in their payment journey from the beginning.


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IFCC Newsletter-November 2019

TriCore Reference Laboratories partners with MCO to improve prenatal care

International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine,11/14/2019

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Take Your Quality System - And Your Quality of Care - to the Next Level

Did you know that TriCore is one of only 48 labs that are designated with the CAP 15189SM Accreditation?

College of American Pathologists,11/14/2019

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TriCore Reference Laboratories Provides Actionable Insights for Prenatal Care with Microsoft Power BI

Enabled by innovative algorithms, TriCore Reference Laboratories (TriCore) takes laboratory data and turns it into actionable insights. By augmenting the way data is integrated into prenatal care in New Mexico, TriCore has changed the perspective surrounding the value laboratories bring to the healthcare industry.


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