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A patient’s guide to TriCore.

Covid-19 positive patients

Greater Albuquerque Area
(Belen, Los Lunas, and Rio Rancho)

If you are currently COVID-19 positive or have a fever higher than 100.4°, please go to TriCore’s Encino Patient Care Center for blood/urine collection.

Encino Patient Care Center
801 Encino Place NE, Suite D-5
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Hours: M-F 8AM - 5PM
Phone: 505.924.6910

Outside Greater Albuquerque Area

If you are currently COVID-19 positive or have a fever higher than 100.4°, please contact your primary care provider, TriCore’s Client Engagement Center (1.800.245.3296), or local collection site for blood/urine collection.

TriCore Claims Paid Out of Network

Recently, we were required to update our payer's systems with new corporate information which will allow claims to be processed and paid as an in-network provider. While this was occurring, we had claims on hold. However, a system error released some claims to payers that were not yet set up to accept these changes, causing claims to be processed as out-of-network. We are working with payers to have the impacted claims reprocessed as in-network. If you have any questions, please contact the business office at 505.247.0244 or toll-free at 877.267.2428.

Getting Tested

Find a patient care center close to you, schedule an appointment, and know what to expect for your visit.

Note: Our Core Laboratory, located at 1001 Woodward Place NE, Albuquerque, NM, is not a patient care center and we are not able to collect patient samples there. Please visit one of the locations below. No appointment is required.

Lab Results

Access patient lab results or medical records.

Genetic Screening Education

TriCore has partnered with Metis Genetics to offer complementary genetic counseling and education support to providers and their patients.

Pay Your Bill

We offer several convenient options for bill pay.