Our Team

Meet the TriCore Research Institute Team

Trailblazing in medicine requires dedicated specialists to lead the way. The same goes for laboratory experts supporting the people who are pioneering medical advancements. The people of TriCore Research Institute have the knowledge, experience, and passion to help you innovate a better tomorrow.

David Grenache, Chief Scientific Officer for TriCore Research Institute

David G. Grenache, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer


  • Over 30 years of experience in all phases of diagnostic laboratory medicine
  • Responsible for strategic oversight of TriCore’s portfolio of scientific projects
Eric Carbonneau, Chief Operating Officer at TriCore

Eric Carbonneau

Chief Operating Officer


  • Close to 30 years’ experience in laboratory operations
  • Responsible for TriCore’s and TriCore Research Institute’s laboratory operations
Veronica I. Luzzi, PhD D(ABCC), Section Chief and Medical Director for TriCore Research Institute

Veronica I. Luzzi, PhD D(ABCC)

Section Chief and Medical Director


  • Over 20 years’ experience in laboratory medicine and clinical research
  • Responsible for promoting and delivering quality research, encouraging collaborations, and expanding TRI business diversification
Sandra Kindig, Director, Lab Operations for TriCore Research Institute

Sandra Kindig

Director, Lab Operations


  • More than 20 years’ experience in device and clinical trials
  • Directs the operational team and procures the adequate resources for successful completion of contracts for all TRI business lines
Stephen Young, PhD D(ABMM), Medical Director for TriCore Research Institute’s Research and Clinical Trials Department

Stephen Young, PhD

Medical Director


  • Over 40 years of academic and device trials experience with focus in infectious diseases
  • Responsible for the successful completion of device trials under his directive and generates new business opportunities
Jesse Young, PhD, Medical Director for TriCore Research Institute’s Research and Clinical Trials Department

Jesse Young, PhD

Medical Director


  • Expertise in infectious diseases, next generation sequencing, and state-of-the-art molecular diagnostic methods
  • Oversees newer projects, provides feedback on method validation verification, and is responsible as a principal investigator of the successful completion of device clinical trials

TriCore Research Institute’s Leadership Team is backed by over 50 people, including principal investigators, research and biorepository coordinators, lab assistants, clinical lab technicians and medical lab scientists. The team manages over 175 collection studies and over 100 device and clinical trials each year. They have the knowledge and resources to steer your studies and trials to successful completion.


We’re always on the lookout for passionate and talented individuals devoted to advancements in healthcare research and science.