Consultation Services


One of our core strengths is our panel of pathology experts, each of whom is available in person or by phone to provide consultation on difficult cases, appropriate test selection, result interpretation, or determining follow-up testing.

Our pathologists provide timely and accurate service, and have immediate access to other physicians and scientists to provide input from appropriate subspecialty areas. For optimal patient care, TriCore’s knowledge and experience is unmatched.

Diversity of Expertise

We provide world-class expertise in all fields of pathology, including hematopathology, dermatopathology, flow cytometry, molecular pathology, infectious disease and cytogenetics. Our pathology consultative services offer you:

  • Direct communication with specialty pathologists
  • Collaboration with our team of multi-specialty pathologists
  • Efficient service and quick turnaround time
  • Immediate web access to results and images
  • Technical and diagnostic expertise

How to Engage

Are you interested in engaging TriCore for pathology consultations? We have a dedicated team with extensive laboratory experience to provide you with personal support and to ensure your needs are met. Please reach out to our Pathology Engagement Team:

Phone: 505.938.8540
Fax: 505.938.8520

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