Comprehensive specimen procurement services to point you down the right path.

Advancements in medicine require certainty at every step. TriCore Research Institute’s Biorepository offers comprehensive specimen procurement services utilizing prospective, consented collections and banked deidentified specimens for research in medicine and science.

TRI’s Biorepository is sourced by TriCore, a CAP and ISO 15189 accredited reference laboratory, which has an extensive test menu, and numerous inpatient and outpatient access points. Our Lab processes approximately 15,000 samples a day from patients with diverse geographic regions and backgrounds.

Available specimens include:

  • Blood
  • Serum
  • Plasma
  • Urine
  • Stool
  • Microbiological isolates
  • Tissue (provided as tissue blocks, slides, or digital imagery)

The Biorepository has specific protocols that are evaluated and approved by an Institutional Review Board to ensure privacy protections and compliance with HIPAA.

Person wearing a protective glove reaching into a freezer full of bio specimens.
Lab technician checking a bio specimen.

Stored specimens are accompanied by a limited dataset, as defined by HIPAA regulations. Each specimen is assigned a unique ID that deidentifies protected health information and cannot be linked back to a specific individual. The deidentified or anonymized data associated with each specimen includes:

  • Demographics (age, sex)
  • ICD10 code(s)
  • Test results
  • Method and instrument type
  • Specifically requested values, as available (ex: CT value for SARS-CoV-19 PCR test)


Interested in obtaining specimens from the Biorepository’s biobank or sample supply? An Institutional Review Board reviews and approves the Biorepository’s specific protocols to ensure privacy protections and compliance with HIPAA. When you request samples, the associated collection protocols and request forms are reviewed for feasibility. Our certified research coordinators then determine access and timelines to obtain the specimens and assign a service fee.


A Dedicated Support Team

The Biorepository team consists of lab technicians and research coordinators who only work in the Biorepository and are certified in research subject protections and regulations. Our team is available to answer questions, problem solve, and accommodate your specific requests. All our employees are CITI, GCP, and IATA trained.


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