Conversion to High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin Test

As part of an enterprise wide implementation of Roche Diagnostics clinical chemistry and immunoassay test platforms, TriCore will be converting to a high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T test to improve the management of chest pain patients with suspected acute coronary syndromes.

This conversion will not occur on the same date across all TriCore laboratories. It is expected to begin in July 2022 and conclude in late 2024. Notification of the conversion for a given laboratory will be communicated to the appropriate stakeholders in advance of the change.

This web page contains important information and educational resources regarding the conversion from a contemporary cardiac troponin test to a high sensitivity cardiac troponin test and will be updated as new details and resources become available.

Questions regarding this conversion can be directed to either:

Dr. David Grenache
Laboratory Director, Core Laboratory

Dr. Melissa Budelier
Medical Director, Clinical Chemistry & Toxicology