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TriCore is on an endless quest to push the boundaries of innovation, in constant pursuit of new insights and advancements in the medical laboratory.

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TriCore is in constant pursuit of new insights and advancements in the medical laboratory.

COVID-19 Response

TriCore is committed to keeping our community updated on our role in our region’s COVID-19 response.

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TriCore Opens Southern New Mexico Clinical Laboratory in Las Cruces

MEDIA CONTACT Beth Bailey Director, Strategic Development & Communications 505.938.8393 beth.bailey@tricore.org   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TRICORE OPENS SOUTHERN NEW MEXICO CLINICAL LABORATORY IN LAS CRUCES ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO – October 26, 2022 — TriCore, New Mexico’s non-profit clinical laboratory, is pleased to announce the opening of their new Southern Clinical Laboratory in Las Cruces, New…

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TriCore Welcomes Jesse Young, PhD as Medical Director at TriCore Research Institute

TriCore Media Contact: Beth Bailey Director, Organizational Development & Communications 505.938.8393 beth.bailey@tricore.org   TRICORE WELCOMES JESSE YOUNG, PhD AS MEDICAL DIRECTOR AT TRICORE RESEARCH INSTITUTE   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 11, 2022 – ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO – TriCore Research Institute (TRI), the dedicated research division of TriCore, welcomes Dr. Jesse Young as a medical…

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Connectivity and control-pivotal issues at the POC

March 2022—How can we connect these point-of-care devices? How do we standardize and ensure competency? How do we get the results from at-home testing? How can we integrate point-of-care information into the whole of analytics? Read the full article  

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