In ED/urgent cares, the lab tests and the POC team

December 2023—A point-of-care testing team from TriCore was part of standing up three dual emergency department/urgent care centers in as many years, with a fourth set to open in March 2024.

“They are super busy, as was expected. There’s a great need for this type of site,” says Kathleen David, MT(ASCP), TriCore’s associate director for near patient testing services, which oversees all of TriCore’s point-of-care testing, including that of a large health care system in New Mexico.

The sites differ from other freestanding emergency departments in that they follow a hybrid health care model, developed by a consultant company, that combines emergency medicine and urgent care services under one roof. About 6,000 point-of-care tests are performed monthly at each site—more tests than are performed in some of the health care system’s smaller hospital laboratories.

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