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Flu Season Has Arrived, Says TriCore

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico– TriCore Reference Laboratories launched Population Pulse, their infectious disease tracker today. Access to weekly reports is available on the new Increased positives for Influenza A alerts TriCore’s medical team that flu season is here.

Population Pulse was created to benefit our community,” said Dr. Stephen Young, scientific director for TriCore’s Infectious Disease Division and Professor of Pathology at UNM HSC. “The data we supply can help providers prevent the spread of infectious disease.”   

“We built the new to be patient-centric. Patients are at the center of everything we do,” said Khosrow Shotorbani, president and CEO of TriCore. “Tracking and interpreting data gives us a unique understanding of our communities. Through diagnostic and disease surveillance we can impact diagnostic decisions and develop better strategies for care.”

“TriCore is creating meaningful diagnostic tools and interpreting data to help physicians and community care providers move from reactive medicine to proactive medicine,” said Michael J. Crossey, MD/Ph.D, chief medical officer at TriCore.

TriCore has developed several engaging health tools for patients, physicians and other key healthcare players. Available in early 2015, New Mexicans will be able to search their health data, and physicians will gain access to unique information that can help reduce the spread of disease through improved population health management.

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TriCore is more than a lab; we are a clinical information company offering expertise in population health management and targeted intervention. TriCore plays an active role in New Mexico’s community by offering quality lab outreach, innovative research technologies, and a data repository that makes a difference in clinical care.

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