How We Work

Clinical research organizations (CROs), clinical trial organizations, and pharmaceutical companies partner with TriCore Research Institute’s (TRI) Central Lab Services (CLS) for their clinical research studies. TRI provides access to TriCore’s robust clinical laboratory testing capabilities, which is a CLIA-certified, CAP LAP, and 15189 accredited laboratory. With over 50 pathologists and PhD scientists, we offer expertise in all fields of clinical and anatomic pathology.

The Clock is Ticking

You must meet stringent deadlines for funding and completion. Your study is ready to proceed, with sites and patients already identified. Consequently, your turnaround time for a central lab services proposal is short. It’s vital we have all the required documents readily available, such as assay instrument validation summaries and technical training and competency documentation.

Proposal Feasibility & Determination

If you’re interested in obtaining a proposal from us, please complete the online form at the bottom of the page. We will ask you to complete a request form, which will help us to determine the following:

  • Do we have the requested test capabilities and testing platforms?
  • Do you want us to complete a Site Qualification Form?
  • Can we meet the proposed start date of the study?
  • Can we assign a cost that makes the study feasible for you and us?
  • If you have not worked with us, we will need a signed master agreement.

A research coordinator will send you a proposal showing preparation and clinical study costs. If you agree to the proposal, a task order is signed to confirm the agreement. After the agreement is approved a TriCore account is created.


A TRI research coordinator will contact and meet with you to discuss and agree upon sample logistics, including when the test samples will start arriving from you. If requisitions, resource materials and collection kits are needed, we will order them for you.

Hand with blue glove lifting a vial from lab equipment

Quality Controlled Testing

Central Lab Services employs stringent quality-controlled processes for its testing services. We follow all clinical standard operating procedures and regulations required of an accredited laboratory. Although specimens are traditionally de-identified when we receive them, we ensure all protected health information protocols are followed.