Lovelace Health System Selects TriCore


Lovelace Health System selects TriCore for laboratory management services

ALBUQUERQUE (October 31, 2016) – Lovelace Health System announced today that it has selected TriCore Reference Laboratories (TriCore) for inpatient and outpatient laboratory management services at its Albuquerque hospitals.

The new agreement will begin February 21, 2017.

“We are pleased to be contracting with a local, leading provider of reference laboratory services,” said Ron Stern, CEO of Lovelace Health System.

While providing world-class laboratory services, TriCore is also a big part of the community in Albuquerque and New Mexico at large. Founded in 1988, TriCore is an independent laboratory headquartered in Albuquerque that provides over 1700 full-service, state-of-the-art laboratory tests to health care professionals and their patients with 98.5% of testing performed on site.

“We are honored to have been chosen by Lovelace Health System. Our common dedication to improving the way health care is delivered will enhance the lives of those in our community,” said Khosrow Shotorbani, CEO TriCore Reference Laboratories. “Our commitment to this community keeps testing and jobs in New Mexico. It is a long-held belief of TriCore that laboratory testing should be done nearest to the patient as clinically appropriate and economically feasible for the best patient care. This contract allows Lovelace to maintain control over the core competency of this critical part of their ecosystem, while controlling cost and optimizing care, both now and in the future. TriCore is proud to be a part of this venture.”

“Since our inception in 1998, TriCore has been providing accurate and timely laboratory results to all physicians and advanced practitioners in the region. This new agreement with Lovelace builds on our laboratory foundation as well as our new information technology platform to integrate results and improve patient care.” said Dr. Crossey, CMO at TriCore.

Katherine Cox, Lovelace Health System
Mobile: 505-903-0367

Carol Biondi, TriCore Reference Laboratories
Mobile: 505-379-5616