TriCore’s Khosrow Shotorbani Speaks at G2’s Lab Institute

March 11, 2015

TriCore president and CEO Khosrow Shotorbani will address an audience at this week’s Lab Revolution sponsored by G2 Intelligence.
Among many topics, the conversation will be innovative business models, critical market trends, and practical solutions that are boosting bottom-line performance while conveying the value proposition of diagnostic medicine.
Mr. Shotorbani will share stories from TriCore Reference Laboratories, New Mexico’s largest lab and clinical diagnostic information company. TriCore generates 70 percent of New Mexico’s clinical information and uses real-time data to practice population health management and targeted intervention in New Mexico. 
“Our access to data allows our team of scientists and pathologists to interpret information in ways that save lives, “said Khosrow Shotorbani. “I’m excited to speak and welcome any opportunity to share the groundbreaking work of our teams, faculty and researchers.”
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