TriCore CTO Shares Insight at Upcoming Lab Quality Confab and Process Improvement Institute

October 21, 2015

ALBUQUERQUE- TriCore Reference Laboratories Chief Tech Officer, Bill Remillard will address the audience at the upcoming Lab Quality Confab and Process Improvement Institute on November 3, 2015.
Bill Remillard will discuss topics related to creating automation around Lab data concept streamlining and normalization, so they may easily be used in advanced informatics tasks. TriCore uses the Rhodes Software Platforms to reduce the cost and minimize the intensity and time of adding new connection points, so it can connect to a practically unlimited number of data sources. TriCore also utilizes Rhodes Technology to collect Clinical Patient, order, results, cost and revenue data from hospitals, EMRs, billing systems, insurance carriers and other sources to normalize actionable informatics through the Rhodes platform integration, eMPI and MDM engines. TriCore consolidates clinical, financial and disease management to increase the value of the laboratory in the communities it serves.
“We want to empower the patient to actively participate in their healthcare process and offer providers with timely actionable informatics to improve their ability to deal with the massive information load in their daily workflow," said TriCore CEO Khosrow Shotorbani. "This would have a measurable impact in improving the quality of care to our patients adding value to the lab services in our market."
“The technology and integration creates a new model for advanced laboratory solutions,” said Bill Baker, CEO of Rhodes Group products and services.  “Each solution was created with clinical profitability and cost reduction in mind allowing for utmost optimization.  We now combine forces with TriCore, a leader in the laboratory space, to offer relevant industry strategies, and a new model for a BI driven operations, clinical and revenue business process.”  
During the presentation Bill Remillard will discuss the outcomes of TriCore's integration and informatics processes. He will show how business intelligence tools can be used to assist in lab operations, revenue and disease management tasks. Remillard will illustrate TriCore’s efforts to present a new model of Lab operations and new value proposition for the lab in our communities, and for our providers, sponsors and insurance payers.