TriCore and Sunquest Tackle Population Health Management With New Partnership

July 14, 2015

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico – TriCore Reference Laboratories announced today a new strategic partnership with Sunquest Information Systems to jointly develop state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratory software to support population health, precision medicine and integration pathology. TriCore says Sunquest is a necessary partner in their goal to improve healthcare delivery through diagnostic optimization and patient engagement.

Development efforts will include new technologies for improved data analytics in connected, multi-organization environments. According to a recent report, 65 percent of hospitals report that their analytics spending will increase to support population health and other vital hospital priorities.  
“Sunquest strives to create solutions that enable labs to strategically align with key hospital initiatives,” said Manish Muzumdar, Sunquest’s senior vice president of product development. “Our partnership with TriCore perfectly supports our determination to stay on the cutting edge and deliver exceptional software.” 
Prior to the Sunquest partnership, TriCore merged with Rhodes Group to form the foundation of their laboratory platform. Sunquest’s strategy matched their needs for a partner to further their vision for technology.
“TriCore is committed to partnerships that reshape the way healthcare is delivered to provide optimal patient experience and outcomes. Medical laboratories drive more than 80 percent of clinical decisions, and now, with Sunquest we can truly shape how medicine is delivered. As a Sunquest laboratory client for more than fifteen years, we know that Sunquest has always had great solutions, but now they have a new level of energy and a commitment to innovation to match,” said Khosrow R. Shotorbani, MT-ASCP, president and chief executive officer, TriCore Reference Laboratories. 
The co-developed solutions will be leveraged in one of TriCore's reference laboratories that will serve as their innovation center for commercial-grade diagnostic methodologies, operations and technology. Khosrow Shotorbani will present  the Sunquest User Group Conference, on Monday July 13 to showcase the benefits of the new partnership.   
About TriCore Reference Laboratories
TriCore Reference Laboratories provides the majority of clinical diagnostic testing for New Mexico and offers solutions and services in lab management, diagnostic optimization, research & development and population health management.  
TriCore has emerged as a leader in reference laboratory services, performing a full range of tests – from the routine to the highly esoteric – under the direction of more than 30 pathologists and scientific directors. TriCore acquired Rhodes Group products and services in spring 2015.
About Sunquest Information Systems
Sunquest Information Systems Inc. provides diagnostic and laboratory information systems to healthcare providers worldwide.