COVID-19 testing that results in a bigger picture.

Increased capacity means more results, faster.


TriCore launched the CDC assay for COVID-19 testing on March 12, 2020, one day after the first positive case in New Mexico. Since that time, we have brought live multiple testing platforms to increase testing capacity for our community. In addition to maximizing our instrument testing pool at our core laboratory in Albuquerque, we have decentralized testing to our hospital labs statewide and our Southern New Mexico Core Lab in Las Cruces. Our diversification strategy – multiple platforms, multiple methodologies and multiple locations – allows us to maintain testing during potential reagent shortages by any one manufacturer.

  • The BLUE BARS represent the demand for COVID-19 testing. These are the number of COVID-19 specimens
    received in our labs each week.
  • The RED LINE represents TriCore’s turnaround time for COVID-19 samples, the amount of time (in hours) it takes for us to deliver a result from the time the specimen is received in the lab. TriCore’s turnaround time is impacted by changes in testing volume and availability of testing resources from manufacturers. We are actively prioritizing testing, ensuring the tests most impacting patient care are processed ahead of surveillance and asymptomatic testing.

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