TriCore COVID-19 Data Center

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges to New Mexico’s healthcare ecosystem. TriCore has been proud to work alongside our government and healthcare partners in a collaborative COVID-19 response effort. Commencing with our laboratory testing work, we aim to optimize capacity, provide clarity and maximize coverage for the State of New Mexico.

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The more tests we can perform, the more information we are able to provide our partners, patients and the public. Optimizing our testing capacity allows us to help meet New Mexico’s testing demand and deliver test results as quickly as possible to our patients who are awaiting care.

Increasing Daily Testing Capacity

Due to early efforts by our Virology team, TriCore launched the CDC assay for COVID-19 testing on March 12, 2020, one day after the first positive case in New Mexico. In the weeks that followed, we quickly brought on additional instrumentation, bringing us to the capacity we maintain today based on supply chain availability. Our strategy has been to use multiple platforms to meet New Mexico’s capacity needs and to be able to maintain testing during potential reagent shortages by any one manufacturer. We continue to actively explore additional testing platforms and methodologies that would increase capacity for the state.

Increased capacity means more results, faster.
  • The BLUE BARS represent the demand for COVID-19 testing. These are the number of COVID-19 specimens received in our Core Lab each week.
  • The RED LINE represents TriCore’s turnaround time for COVID-19 samples, the amount of time (in hours) it takes for us to deliver a result from the time the specimen is collected.
  • March: You will see that the initial demand was high at the beginning of March. At that time we were operating only the CDC assay, creating what was commonly referred to a “back-log” and longer turnaround times.
  • April: As we brought on additional testing platforms and testing capacity, you can see we are able to keep turnaround time around 24 hours from the time the specimen is collected, even with consistently high demand.
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Laboratory data is exact and actionable. We strive to provide clarity to patients, healthcare providers and the public about New Mexico’s COVID-19 situation through the lens of our laboratory data.

Clarity to the individual: Each test result we provide gives Clarity to our provider partners about how to best treat their patients. Each test result we provide gives Clarity to our patients about their condition, as well as when to escalate isolation practices.

Clarity to the population: TriCore serve New Mexico’s three largest hospital systems, Lovelace, Presbyterian and University of New Mexico, as well as physician groups and independent providers all over the state. While we do not have all of NM’s COVID-19 data, TriCore’s sizable and diverse footprint gives us a comprehensive longitudinal data set, allowing us to provide Clarity regarding New Mexico’s current position as we respond to this pandemic. For a full view of the impact of COVID-19 in New Mexico, visit

  • On the left you will see the number of total COVID tests TriCore has performed to date, as well as the breakdown of positive and negative results.
  • The RED LINE represents the cumulative positive results by collection week.
  • The bars represent the number of COVID-19 test each week, negative results in teal, positive results in red.
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TriCore is proud to serve the entire state of New Mexico. While currently all COVID-19 testing is being performed at our Core Lab in Albuquerque, we are receiving specimens from hospitals, physician’s offices and collection centers all over the state.

  • Blue indicates TriCore COVID-19 testing performed for this county; as you can see, all countries are represented.
  • Blue darkens as a higher percent of the county population is tested for COVID-19 at TriCore.
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NMDOH is integrating all TriCore volume and percent positive data into the COVID-19 counts on their website. Please use the NMDOH website as the single source of NM COVID-19 testing volumes and results.