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Frequently Asked Questions About Lab Tests

How do I know if my doctor’s order for a lab test is in the TriCore system?
Please call Client Services at 505-938-8922 or toll-free at 800-245-3296 and a member of our team will check our laboratory information system to confirm that your orders are in our system.
How do I prepare for a test that requires fasting?
Please drink water in advance of your test so that you stay hydrated, but do not eat or drink anything else (not even coffee) for 12 hours before your specimen collection. Eating or drinking anything other than water can affect the accuracy of your test results.
Can I take my medications prior to a lab test?
Yes, you may. Drinking water and taking regular medications will not affect your test results.
Where can I get instructions for specific tests?
TriCore's Patient Care Centers can provide instructions for certain tests. You may also call us at 505-938-8922 or toll-free at 800-245-3296.
When is the best time to visit a Patient Care Center?
We follow a first-come, first-served policy, except for patients with special needs. If you’re fasting, you’ll want to come in the morning. If you’ve been given instructions for fasting, please note that it’s important to drink water during your fast so that you’re hydrated when you arrive at one of our Patient Care Centers. If your test does not require fasting, please help us serve you in as short a time as possible by arriving in the afternoon, when wait times are generally shorter.
What should I bring?
Be sure you have your insurance card, your driver’s license or another valid form of photo identification, and your completed requisition (test order). Please let us know if there are any recent changes in your personal information, including your name, address, phone number or insurance plan.
What if I have a reaction to my blood draw?
Reactions to blood draws are rare and usually mild. Experts generally recommend that you eat a healthy meal, drink plenty of fluids and avoid heavy lifting for 12 hours after a blood draw.
Click here for a full list precautions.
How can I give you feedback on my experience?
There are several ways. You may fill out a self-addressed, postage-paid Patient Comment Card (available at your Patient Care Center) and return it to us, or you may call Client Services at 505-938-8922 or toll-free at 800-245-3296, you may also click here to submit your comments online. If you provide your name and contact information, we’ll respond to your comments.


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