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Collection & Testing Protocols

For detailed information about TriCore’s specimen collection and testing protocols, click on the links below or, if you’d like to speak with a Client Services representative, call 505-938-8922 in Albuquerque or toll-free 800-245-3296.

General Information:  

    Specimen Labeling  
    Ordering Specimen Collection Supplies  
    Priority Testing & Result Notification  
    STAT Test List  
    Unclear Test Orders  
    Adding or Cancelling Tests

Specimen Collection:   

You may download the specimen collection sheets listed below. To receive copies by mail, please call Client Services at 505-938-8922 in Albuquerque or toll-free 800-245-3296

    Order of Draw     
    Microbiology Collection Devices     
    Preparation of Platelet Poor Plasma for Coagulation Testing     
    Cervical Cancer Screening & Related Testing 
    Therapeutic Drug Monitoring - Suggested Draw Times 
    Nasopharyngeal Collections 


    Ova & Parasite Examination from Stool Specimens   
    Susceptibility Testing   
    Antibiotic Testing by Organism   
    Wound Culture Processing & Reporting Policy 

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