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As a part of the growing healthcare industry, TriCore has also experienced growth. Today, we operate more than 50 satellite centers in medical clinics, hospitals and other healthcare settings throughout New Mexico for the convenience of physicians and their patients.
We’re engaged in scientific research in collaboration with the University of New Mexico and numerous national and international biotech firms, and we train pathology residents and fellows in conjunction with the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. We also offer onsite clinical training for student medical technologists, medical technicians and clinical lab assistants.
The positions listed below are just a few examples of the careers available at TriCore. With more than 1,100 employees serving the healthcare community and patients throughout New Mexico and around the world, we offer a broad range of opportunities.
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Clinical Lab Assistant
Our clinical lab assistants (CLAs) play a crucial role in laboratory medicine, collecting and processing patient specimens. At some sites they also do some moderately complex testing, as well as clerical work and equipment maintenance. Because CLAs may be the first and last contact patients have with TriCore, a friendly attitude and a commitment to good customer service are important to the job.

Technical Lab Assistant
Problem-solvers and people who like on-the-job action will enjoy being technical lab assistants (TLAs) at TriCore. As our specimen quality-control monitors, TLAs prepare and process patient specimens and review them to ensure that all information is correct and ready to go. They work where testing occurs – in our core laboratory or in hospital laboratories.
Laboratory Specimen Technician
Working much like detectives in the lab, laboratory specimen technicians (LSTs) prepare, log and track patient specimens while troubleshooting and resolving issues.  

Medical Technologist
If you have a degree in science and are interested in medical diagnostics, this could be the position for you. Medical technologists play a key role by running moderate or high-complexity tests to assist other healthcare professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Patient Access Specialist
An integral part of our organization, patient access specialists are often the first people to greet patients at TriCore. Because these specialists handle patient registration, accuracy in entering information and excellent customer service skills are important.  

Administrative Support
A diverse team of talented individuals who provide high-level administrative support to management and staff members at TriCore, our Administrative Services Organization handles a variety of functions, including greeting visitors, calendar management, scheduling and providing support at meetings, handling travel and logistics and other tasks.

Business Office
With its broad range of positions, the Business Office provides an excellent opportunity for career growth. Claims specialists, coding specialists, billing research specialists, imaging specialists and others work together to ensure claims are submitted accurately to insurance companies for payment of the services we provide, and that patients are charged appropriately when they are responsible for services.
Client Services
Excellent customer service builds loyalty, which is critical to our success. Client Services representatives play an important role by answering questions about our services and ensuring that patients’ and clients’ needs are met. If you’re service oriented, adaptable and flexible in working with internal and external customers, this may be the position for you.

Courier Services
Our couriers serve on the front line, building and maintaining relationships with TriCore’s clients. They ensure safe, efficient handling and transportation of specimens, supplies, test results and other items to and from clients and our facilities.

Information Technology
Information technology is strategically important to the future of laboratory medicine. At TriCore, we’re looking for innovative, customer-oriented problem-solvers – the best and brightest in data warehousing, application management, web applications, infrastructure services, help desk services and PC support.
Human Resources
TriCore’s Human Resources team seeks to attract and keep well-qualified, enthusiastic individuals who share our desire to provide excellent service to healthcare professionals and patients. They handle a broad range of employment-related responsibilities, from recruitment and compensation to benefits, training and development, and employee relations.

Our sales representatives manage account sales to new and existing clients, introducing new products and services as we develop them. If you’re a people person and quick to understand medical or technical subject matter, this may be a good fit for you.  
If you’re a TriCore employee seeking opportunities for advancement, please check for open positions on TriCnet.

For a complete list of current job openings, click here
For more information, please call us at 505-938-8659 or toll-free at 800-245-3296.

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